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TELL ME NOT, isnt this THE cutest cake evaaaaar?! 😱😍😻 Happy birthday @bnmariahxoxo_!! 🎂🎉

Since I made him shame with my post yesterday, here’s to sucking up today — This has been one hell of an adventure these past years..but no matter how annoying, irritating or FEM you can get, I can’t see myself sharing these times with anyone else @ejay_sagadraca #aedenjordan #tbt #evenifyoureafag 💁

@ejay_sagadraca has to be my #wcw….cause sometimes, he’s more girly than me, it’s scary 😂😂😂 #forkicksandgiggles #bitchesbelikeyeahimodel #alwaysinabra #bootydanceswaytoogoodforastraightguy #iworrysometimes

If you’re not busy on Saturday or haven’t started your Christmas shopping, stop by my Aunty’s working place to purchase some aloha print outfits for you and/or your loved ones. Mention Brandon’s name & 10% of your purchase will be donated for my brother’s recovery expenses.

@ejay_sagadraca wants his redemption after he only got 6 answers correct last night 😂 @brandoooooon @tiffaneeehhx3

Since his dad thinks its ok to use mommy’s bras, he thinks its ok to use a headband *facepalm* #aedenjordan #supposedtobeelley #wouldvebeenaperfectgirl #readyforhalloween

Miss Diva Ava & Aeden during their Aunty Trina’s annual memorial walk #ava #aedenjordan #trinasmemorialwalk